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Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Hyperion Delivers Turn-Key Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for a Fluid Catalytic Cracker Unit at Preem AB in Sweden

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Nicosia, Cyprus. 10th December 2010. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd (Hyperion), the leading independent simulation solutions provider, announced the successful delivery of a Fluid Catalytic Cracker Unit (FCCU) Operator Training Simulator (OTS) system at Preem Petroleum’s Lysekil refinery in Sweden (also known as Preemraff). This is the second OTS provided to Preem by Hyperion, the first having been delivered for the Propylene Unit at Lysekil refinery in 2008. As a result of the significant benefits derived from that initial project, the FCCU OTS was commissioned in order to extend the operator training potential so that the combined simulator capability now represents an entire DCS panel in the main control room.

The Preemraff refinery is the largest oil refinery in Sweden, and one of the biggest in Europe. The new OTS system is a key part of the drive to sustain and improve operational excellence through the use of dynamic process simulation. The OTS will be used for operator training, control system check out, and ongoing engineering and operational analyses.

Hyperion developed a high-fidelity HYSYS® dynamic model of the FCCU which included models of the FCC reactor, fractionator, LCO/HCN strippers, wet gas compressor, primary and secondary absorbers, stripper, debutanizer, C3/C4 splitter, and de-ethaniser. The dynamic models were integrated by Hyperion with DYNSIM® and DeltaV Simulate to provide the Operator Training Simulator functions required.   .

Dr. Nicholas Alsop, Manager of Advanced Process Control at Preem, said “This OTS project is an essential part of our commitment to operational excellence at Preemraff. We selected Hyperion to deliver the solution and their team excelled in producing a very realistic and accurate model of the complex FCCU reactor, together with solving some challenging system integration issues. They succeeded in delivering a first class OTS, on-time and on-budget”

Mr. Dean R. Jones, Executive Vice President of Hyperion stated, “We are very pleased to have completed another project for Preem. Our ability to integrate best in class, modeling and Operator Training Simulator technologies to meet Preem’s requirements for providing a solution that meets their specific needs for lifecycle simulation again demonstrates how Hyperion has the skills and expertise to ensure maximum value can be obtained from customers investments in simulation technologies. Preem now have a valuable tool that can be used to help understand and improve the operation of their FCC unit.”

Hyperion’s turn-key responsibilities on the project included:

  • Modeling and Integration of the Shutdown Interlock safety system
  • Integration of the process models with an Emerson DeltaV distributed control system (DCS)
  • Upgrade of the existing Propylene Unit OTS and Integration with the FCCU OTS system
  • Installation and commissioning at site.


About Preem AB


Preem AB (www.preem.se/english) is Sweden’s largest oil company and accounts for about 80 percent of Swedish refinery capacity and about 30 percent of Nordic capacity. A total of more than 18 million metric tons are refined at the two wholly-owned refineries Preemraff Göteborg and Preemraff Lysekil. Both refineries are among the most modern, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient in Europe. Nearly 70% of production is exported, making Preem one of Sweden’s largest exporters.  Preem also operates a chain of around 500 retail outlets in Sweden.

About Hyperion

Hyperion Systems Engineering (www.hyperionsystems.net) is the world’s leading independent provider of systems engineering solutions and services to the process industries. A privately held company with 16 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Power, Water and Metals industries, Hyperion has a well-established reputation for groundbreaking innovation, helping clients to drive down costs and dramatically increase operational efficiencies.

Hyperion provides Process Modeling and Simulation, Basic and Advanced Process Control, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management Consulting, with specialized expertise including Operator Training Simulators, Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems, Environmental Compliance and Reporting, Laboratory Information Management Systems and Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Headquartered in Cyprus, Hyperion operates around the world with regional offices in Athens (Greece), Moscow (Russia), Al-Khobar (Saudi Arabia), Pune (India), Shanghai (China), and Singapore. In addition, Hyperion’s wholly owned UK-based subsidiary, Broner Metals Solutions Ltd, is a leading provider of supply-chain management solutions to the international steel and aluminium manufacturing industry.

Hyperion is certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, by EuroCert