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Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Press Kit

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Hyperion (Greek Yπερίων, "The High-One") was one of the twelve Titan gods of Ancient Greece. Under the leadership of Cronus, the Titans were the sons and daughters of Gaia (the physical incarnation of Earth) and Uranus (literally meaning 'the Sky'), which were later supplanted by the twelve Olympians who were led by Cronus' son Dias (Zeus).

Brother of the leading Titan, Cronus, Hyperion was the lord of light, and the Titan of the east. Hyperion married his sister, the Titaness Theia, lady of the aither (the shining blue of the sky) and became the father of the lights of heaven Helius ("Sun"), Eos ("Dawn"), and Selene ("Moon")..

Hyperion's name means "watcher from above" or "he who travels above" from the Greek words hyper and iôn.

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