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Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019

Operator Training Simulators

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January 2015, marked the creation of HyperionRSI Simulation, a company jointly owned by Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd and RSI, which offers simulation solutions based on the IndissPlus simulation technology.

Providing a cost effective, safe, and efficient solution, we custom build high-fidelity, real-time simulators to match the dynamic behavior of single or multiple plant units and their associated control and emergency shutdown systems. These are computer and model-enabled systems used to provide plant or unit operators with realistic operation environment to effectively learn how to operate the target process on which a unit runs. The training can range from normal operations to any abnormal conditions, as defined in pre-configured scenarios which are deployed by an instructor, for which the system provides a separate work station.

HyperionRSI Simulation is the exclusive direct supplier of IndissPlus solutions to markets in the Russian Federation and CIS, the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), India, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

The new company combines the experienced simulation specialists from Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd with the proven capability of the IndissPlus dynamic simulation technology increasing the market coverage and capabilities of the RSI Group to create the world’s largest control system-independent supplier of simulation solutions.

Please visit the dedicated website of Hyperion RSI Simulation at www.hyperionRSI.net