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Thursday, 05 Mar 2015

Operator Training Simulators

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Plant operators need to train for their work. Similar to the case with pilots and aircrafts, using the actual plant or plant unit as a training tool, is highly costly and dangerous.

Did you know? 

Due to their high fidelity which allows their use for many different kinds of  engineering purposes, training simulators are increasingly being referred to as MPDS (Multi Purpose Dynamic Simulators)

Providing a cost effective, safe, and efficient solution, we custom build high-fidelity, real-time simulators to match the dynamic behavior of single or multiple plant units and their associated control and emergency shutdown systems. These are computer and model-enabled systems used to provide plant or unit operators with realistic operation environment to effectively learn how to operate the target process on which a unit runs. The training can range from normal operations to any abnormal conditions, as defined in pre-configured scenarios which are deployed by an instructor, for which the system provides a separate work station.

Investment in Simulator for a new plant is typically paid off before the actual start-up.

The Hyperion OTS has time and again proven to be an exceptionally powerful tool in a variety of key operational areas, including operator training and knowledge transfer, engineering studies for operational improvements and de-bottlenecking projects. With our solutions and services, we enable our customers to:

  • Identify and eliminate issues during the design stage, long before the actual plant construction.
  • Achieve a quicker start-up, while reducing downtime and off-spec product.
  • Maximize throughput, explore alternative options and optimize plant performance during operations

In the global modeling and simulation industry we are uniquely independent, delivering our solutions using commercially available dynamic flow-sheet tools used by engineering companies, academics and manufacturers throughout the world, while remaining unbiased to any DCS and process technology licensing companies.

Through the use of our Training Simulators our customers increase their plants' reliability throughout their life cycle by facilitating evaluations of critical control strategies, improving responses to abnormal situations, optimizing throughput and product quality, reducing operating errors and enabling quicker and safer startups and shutdowns.