Final delivery of Production Tracking solution at four SABIC Saudi Kayan polymer plants

2018, Hyperion Consulting, News Stories

(Sep 2018) The Hyperion Consulting MES team successfully concluded in September 2018 the Site Acceptance Test activities for the Production Workflow & Material Tracking project at the SABIC Saudi Kayan Poly-Carbonate (PC) plant.

PC is the last of four plants that fell under the scope of this project; the other three being PP (Poly-Propylene), HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Poly-Ethylene). All four plants are located next to each other at the industrial city of Al-Jubail in the East Saudi Arabian Province.

The solution, developed to provide improved efficiency, productivity and visibility into plant operations and product quality, was developed based on the Aspen InfoPlus.21® (Aspen IP.21), aspenONE® Process Explorer™ (a1PE), Aspen Production Record Manager™ (APRM) and Aspen Production Execution Manager™ (APEM) real-time plant information management software technology from Hyperion Consulting key partner, AspenTech.   

An ambitious and technologically challenging project, during which Saudi Kayan and Hyperion Consulting were called to overcome several technical and non-technical difficulties, this was also one of the longest ever for Hyperion with its initial activities starting back in 2015.