Hyperion Power Services assists combined cycle plant Owners in Peru to respond to the Osinergmin Resolución Nº 161-2019-OS/CD

2019, Hyperion Power Services

Power plant at dusk

(Nov 2019) OSINERGMIN’s (Orgsanismo Supervisor De Las Inversión En Energia Y Mineria) Resolution Nº 161-2019-OS/CD dictated that all existing Combined Cycle Plants which were designed to operate base loaded, were to be converted to fast start/frequent start operation.  KALLPA and ENEL in Peru requested Hyperion Power Services (HPS) to provide arguments why that would be very detrimental to the plants, both technically and commercially.  HPS issued separate reports for each client, demonstrating that the CAPEX and OPEX would be prohibitive, driving the plants to inability to continue operating.  This was done by comparing the plants in Peru with those in the United States that are operating in the fast start/frequent start mode.