Hyperion Power Services provides expertise to several generating plant Owners and to the Peruvian grid operator (COES) to resolve the Sub Synchronous Resonance (SSR) issue in Peru

2022, Hyperion Power Services

Power lines at sunset

(Ongoing) The SSR phenomenon has been a serious concern to generating companies in Peru following the catastrophic failure of four GE Frame 7 units, all located in a plant in Southern Peru.  Hyperion Power Services (HPS) provided a world class expert in SSR remediation who, working with the Grid Operator for Peru, COES and the plant Owners, scientifically modeled the grid and demonstrated the reason for failure.  Three of the four turbines and two of the four generators were replaced and/or repaired at great cost.  COES issued an RFP and HPS proposed ways to minimize/eliminate the SSR risk on the grid.