Hyperion Presents Proprietary Deep Tech Solution at ICCPE 2020

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(May 2020) Hyperion proudly presented HYPPOS, Hyperion Production Online Software at the 2020 9th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering (ICCPE 2020). The conference is held every year with the aim to promote research and developmental activities in Chemical and Process Engineering. This year the conference would have taken place in Moscow Russia, but due to travel restrictions it took place online.

Hyperion participated at the ICCPE 2020 with a presentation delivered by Dr. Sofia Louloudi, Hyperion Consulting- Senior Consultant and HYPPOS Quality Manager.¬† Dr. Louloudi, explained¬† the concept of Hyperion’s proprietary quanta tracking model, one of the core components of HYPPOS.¬† She also addressed the importance of HYPPOS’ application in the polymer industry and its contribution in reducing the carbon footprint.

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