Hyperion presents successful project at AspenTech Optimize 2019 in Houston

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(May 2019) Every two years the Aspen OPTIMIZE conference brings together in one place customers, partners and technology experts to share experiences, breakthroughs and insights to the AspenTech software roadmap. This year’s event took place in Houston, TX and drew a broad range of expertise — 1,000 attendees from 300 companies and 10 leading universities across 50 countries participating in 150 breakout sessions, most of which were led by customers.

Hyperion participated in the Supply Chain Management track with a presentation by Stavros Spanos and Aris Televantos, on the recently delivered project for Luberef, the largest a base oil and lubricants producer in Saudi Arabia.

Hyperion delivered an S&OE collaborative process solution using AspenTech’s Production Scheduling Enhanced Optimization (PS EO) software enhanced with Hyperion Data Warehouse add-on.

The solution maximizes demand revenue and minimizes production and inventory costs by calculating daily optimal run rates and campaign transitions of each feed on each of the various interconnected units in Luberef’s two plants. The Hyperion Data Warehouse add-on enables the collaborative entry of information from various departments (e.g. demand forecast from marketing, production data from operations) and the creation of live interactive reports and dashboards that facilitate the S&OE process through a browser or utilizing Microsoft’s powerful self-service BI products, Microsoft Excel and Power BI.