Hyperion’s DeepTech HYPPOS Reaches New Significant Milestone

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(Oct 2020) We are excited to share the news that earlier this week HYPPOS –  Hyperion’s proprietary next generation production support on-line software, reached a major product development milestone! Over the past two years, Hyperion’s software development team has been working on transforming HYPPO’s prototype to a unified application or, according to product development terminology an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). 

Earlier this summer, in June 2020, single-product HYPPOS entered its Beta Testing phase with Hellenic Petroleum (HELPE) Petrochemicals unit (located in Thessaloniki, Greece) as the chosen test site and HELPE being HYPPOS’ launching partner.  While the beta testing was originally planned with significant time on-site, the new pandemic realities called for agility and a massive reform of the process.  For the first time, all relevant activities were executed remotely, including plant data gathering, hardware and software staging and configuration, as well as (Greek) language localisation, remote installation and commissioning.

Following the successful completion of the above process this week, Hyperion’s HYPPOS Team is now on track to run the validation of HYPPOS as a single product in HELPE’s Polymer plant!

Hyperion is grateful for the collaboration and the trust bestowed by HELPE’s support team which made this remote work process smooth and accessible.

Visit the HYPPOS page to learn more.