HYPPOS, Hyperion Predictive Production Online Software, is an innovative, all-in-one, deep tech, decision-support tool that integrates with production level and business management level IT components of manufacturing plants. Hyperion has successfully released HYPPOS v.1.0 within the framework of the 2nd Opportunity grant from the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation. Drawing from the HYPPOS-Machine Learning (ML) Smart Sensors project findings, through Project EMBED-Al, Hyperion has been seeking support towards the technological upscale, optimization, demonstration, and exploitation of HYPPOS-AI as an Industry 4.0 solution. The image below illustrates the HYPPOS completed projects, deliverables, and technical readiness levels: Hyperion Group is proud to announce that its HYPPOS-related project Embed-AI was selected for funding for by the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation within the context of Research in Enterprises (Bridge Programmes). The main objectives of project EMBED-Al are:

  1. Validate the scientific and technical targets of HYPPOS-AI prototype v.2 in an operational environment; and
  2. Intensify Hyperion’s research and development in AI/ML, and innovation activities.

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is the participating research partner of Hyperion that will support the project with through its engagement through the technology transfer of AI/ML expertise to Hyperion.


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