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HYPPOS, Hyperion’s production online software, is an integrated, easy-to-configure, fast-to-install, highly compatible, decision support platform for use in continuous and semi-continuous production plants desiring digitization of their processes to better monitor product quality and boost productivity.

Hyperion, leveraging its core competencies and over 100 man years of extensive industrial experience, has combined proprietary solutions into a single product, enabling material tracking to be performed in real-time and providing the ability to display location with specific measurement of physical and chemical properties as liquid or granular material pass through the production process.

Aligned with Industry 4.0 goals, HYPPOS aims to disrupt the process industry’s quality systems with the application of advanced IT technologies such as Big Data capture and Data Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence.  

Our Value Proposition

Consistent with the Industry 4.0 Strategy, HYPPOS is a configuration and maintenance framework which enables the easy and faster implementation and deployment of sustainable, integrated material tracking and on-line process analysis decision support tools that can result in energy savings and waste reduction, while it enables improved quality and increased profitability of industrial production plants.

All-in-One Solution

Unparalleled Toolset

HYPPOS provides more benefits than separate solutions for Batch Tracking and On-line Analysis of quality measurements would provide if used in combination. In HYPPOS, each of these individual components has been developed from the ground up, improving the technology and incorporating new methods and features in a centralized framework. HYPPOS is a robust software that significantly minimizes the implementation of these solutions and their testing period.

With real-time process data and effective communication between operators and managers within the same HYPPOS platform, corrective actions to improve quality of batches can be tackled promptly. HYPPOS  therefore, address specific industry challenges related to quality traceability, real time analysis, rapid identification, accurate reporting, process visualization, and quality consistency.


Robust Connectivity

HYPPOS is a vital decision support tool that integrates with production levels and business management level IT components. HYPPOS collects data directly from OPC servers thus it is compatible with main historian software. HYPPOS transforms data collected by other components for display, makes test data visible early, and tracks effect in real time. 


Deep Tech Excellence

HYPPOS has been awarded three times (in May 2018, Jan 2019, and Jun 2019) the Seal of Excellence by the European Innovation Council and is funded by the Research & Innovation Foundation’s programmes for Research, Technological Development and Innovation “Restart 2016-2020”. 

Provisional Patent No. 63/015,295

Enjoy the benefits

Commence your Industry 4.0 digitalisation journey  and mark your production plant as a model factory and an example setter. 


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