Research and Development

Innovative since conception and always ready to meet industry and environmental challenges Hyperion prides on a highly qualified Research and Development team with cross functional skills and think-outside-the-box mindsets dedicated to provide robust technologies and business development solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of the process and power industries.

In-house R&D

HyPPOS: Hyperion Polymer Production Online Software
Batch Tracking and On-Line Polymer Analysis (OLPA) technology combined into a single product, enabling tracking to be performed in real-time and providing the ability to display the location of material with specific OLPA results as it passes through the production process. This newest and proprietary disrupting technology in the polymer industry intends to solve industry’s challenges providing a solution that leads to material and energy savings.  HyPPOS has been recognised three times (2018, 2019) with the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission and it is being partially funded by the Research Innovation Foundation.

OLPA: On-Line Polymer Analysis
Petrochemical industry application that improves quality control of polymer intermediate and finished products by automatically and continuously measuring physical and chemical properties of products during the production process prompting effective corrective actions. This project was supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry.

The PROTEUS framework for Hyperion OTS
Used as a tool to integrate existing process simulators with web-based trainee operator user interfaces including accurate emulations of the major control and emergency shutdown systems. This independent high-fidelity technology allowed Hyperion to custom build successful solutions for many customers in the process industry until 2014 when (following the merger with RSI/CORYS and the creation HyperionRSI Simulation) the development platform for the Hyperion OTS solutions switched entirely to IndissPlus.

R&D services and teaming projects

SIMDAS: Centre of Excellence in Simulation and Data Science

The project will upgrade the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC) of The Cyprus Institute (CyI) into a Centre of Excellence in Simulation and Data Science (SIMDAS) in Cyprus.

This is a teamed project with the Technology Research Center of The Cyprus Institute (CyI), the Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ), three local institutions and two SMEs, funded by the European Commission.  Hyperion is actively involved and responsible to connect the centre directly to commercial applications.

An integrated emergency response decision support system for enhancing workers’ safety in offshore oil & gas operations.  This is a project coordinated by SIGNALGENERIX LTD in which Hyperion Systems Engineering participates as a leading global link to the offshore oil and Gas industry  managing commercialization strategy and business development actions.


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