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Driving Digital Transformation: Hyperion's Expert R&D Team Innovates for Industry Advancement and Environmental Sustainability.

Hyperion Innovation

Hyperion’s Predictive Production Online Software (HYPPOS) revolutionizes decision support in the polymer industry, leveraging a digital twin-based toolkit with AI-driven material tracking and analysis. With unique algorithms for batch and continuous process characterization, HYPPOS enhances product quality monitoring and KPI tracking, whether through direct measurements or AI predictions. It provides a comprehensive production overview, helping operators promptly identify issues, optimize first-time-right production, and reduce waste. Recognized for excellence by the European Commission and supported by the Research Innovation Foundation, HYPPOS delivers unparalleled benefits from a single installation.


Funded by the Research Innovation Foundation of Cyprus, the "EMBED-AI" project is a one-year collaborative venture between Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd. and The Cyprus Institute. This innovative initiative aimed to revolutionize the polymer production process by developing advanced machine learning algorithms capable of predicting material quality in real time. By creating virtual analysis instruments, or "soft sensors," we were able to monitor material quality parameters instantaneously. Utilizing historical time series data from the plant's instrumentation for both training and prediction, these sophisticated algorithms were seamlessly integrated into HYPPOS. This integration not only facilitated the provision of raw data for the algorithms but also enabled the effective management of predictions, ensuring consistent tracking of both the quality and location of the polymer produced.