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Power Plant
Power Plant
Hyperion Power

Empowering the Globe:

Hyperion Power Services Delivers Expertise and Innovative Solutions in Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.

Power Plant

Engagement Examples

Texas, USA

Power Generation (2023)

Expert consulting services for particulate matter fence line monitoring and gas turbine inlet fouling root cause analysis (RCA).


Power Generation (2023)

Root Cause Analysis to determine why two  gas turbines have difficulty lighting off when switching fuel from Natural Gas to Auto Diesel.


Power Generation (2023)

Perform post upgrade heat balance using the EBSILON code and use the results to try several different heat rate reduction ideas.

Power Plant
Power Plant
Power Plant

At Hyperion Power Services, we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive technical support for power projects at every stage, from conception to implementation and ongoing operation, as we are committed to complete client satisfaction.  Headquartered in the US and a subsidiary of the esteemed Hyperion Group, we are poised to meet the global demands of the power generation, transmission, and distribution industry.


During the developmental phase of a power project, we collaborate closely with clients to meticulously define their requirements, ensuring a solid foundation for success. As the project transitions into the execution phase, our team offers unparalleled assistance in all facets of engineering, procurement, and construction, guaranteeing precision and excellence. Post-construction, we remain dedicated to aiding our clients in sustaining the profitability of their projects.


Our extensive capabilities and services encompass:

  • Strategic Assessments

  • Owner’s Engineer Services

  • Forensic Engineering Studies including Expert Witness Services 

  • Subsynchronous Resonance (SSR) Mitigation

  • Life Time Extension (LTE) Consultation

  • Power Plant Improvement, Betterment, and Evaluation Services (includes Power Island and BOP Engineering, and Cycle Analysis)  

  • Feasibility and Advisory Studies

  • Project Management and Project Engineering Management Services

  • Up Front Engineering Coordination

  • Plant Construction and Commissioning Support

  • Plant Condition Assessment Audits and Recommendations

  • Operating Plant Maintenance Contract Negotiation Support

  • Operating Plant Maintenance Implementation 

  • Technical Field Services

  • Contract and Negotiation Support

  • Project Health Checks

  • Claim and Change Order Reviews

  • Project Control Services

  • Acoustics and Noise Control Services

  • Emissions and Acoustics Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

  • Emissions Testing and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

  • Power Plant Modeling and Simulation

  • Permitting Process Support

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Capabilities

  • Renewable Power Consultation


With Hyperion Power Services, clients gain a reliable partner committed to ensuring the success and profitability of their power projects through unmatched expertise and innovative solutions.

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