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Hyperion renews its support services contract with Elpedison for another two years

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

March 2023

Elpedison is the first independent electricity producer in Greece and a leading supplier of electricity and natural gas. The company ensures an environmentally friendly power generation process, with its two plants in Thisvi and Thessaloniki, which use exclusively natural gas as fuel. With innovation deeply rooted in its DNA, the Company has a vision to become the leader in providing leading energy products and solutions.

Both plants use AspenTech MES technology for real time information management, KPI reporting and the foundation for several layered applications including integration and data exchange with IPTO/ADMIE, the Greek power grid operator.

Hyperion is proud to be a trusted advisor and services provider to Elpedison since 2018 helping the company extract maximum value from its investment in the AspenTech platform and ensuring that the systems work uninterruptedly.



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