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HYPPOS receives funding from the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

October 2020

Second Opportunity SME-II Grant number: OPPORTUNITY/0916/SME-II/0005, Research & Innovation Foundation, Cyprus

HYPPOS receives € 700,000 funding from the Cyprys Research & Innovation Foundation towards further development with project duration of two years (10.2018-10.2020).

In June 2020, HYPPOS entered its Beta Testing phase at the state-of-the art polypropylene plant of Hellenic Petroleum petrochemicals unit in Thessaloniki, Greece which was pivotal for the success of the project for two reasons.

Despite the challenges due to travel restrictions and prohibition of external visitors to plant floors imposed by COVID-19, even after the lock-down periods, we took the opportunity to develop a dedicated procedure for remote commissioning.



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