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Selection of project HYPPOS EMBED-AI for funding by the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

March 2022

Hyperion Group is proud to announce that its HYPPOS related project Embed-AI was selected for funding for by the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation within the context of Research in Enterprises (Bridge Programmes).

The main objectives of project EMBED-Al are to validate the scientific and technical targets of HYPPOS-AI prototype v.2 in an operational environment and to intensify Hyperion’s research and development in AI/ML, and innovation activities.

Our company successfully released HYPPOS v.1.0 within the framework of the 2nd Opportunity grant from the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation. Drawing from the HYPPOS-Machine Learning (ML) Smart Sensors project findings, through Project EMBED-Al, Hyperion has been seeking support towards the technological upscale, optimization, demonstration, and exploitation of HYPPOS-AI as an Industry 4.0 solution.

The figure below illustrates the HYPPOS completed projects, deliverables, and technical readiness levels:

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is the participating research partner of Hyperion that will support the project with through its engagement through the technology transfer of AI/ML expertise to Hyperion.



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